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Film and video, virtual and augmented reality, 3D animations and 360° videos – digital media for product presentations, trade fair appearances or events that will be remembered and really stand out – including event documentation.

"A film that gets you in the Right mood and makes you curious. A revelation that inspires. A Virtual Reality experience that offers undreamt-of insights. An interactive installation that memorizes itself. When everything fits together so perfectly, events and presentations become successful at all."

Christoph Meyer, CEO, Intervideo Fillmproduktion GmbH

Konfetti Christoph Meyer Intervideo


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    Frequently asked questions

    Without wanting to judge it: People are becoming more and more demanding. But the development is also understandable. The technical development is progressing and the technology offers always new possibilities. And when you are open-mouthed for the first time, you get used to many things quickly or you may even get bored.

    We often see it in fast motion with the children. Even the robot dog, who listens to his name and performs all kinds of tricks, is already standing in the corner hours after unpacking on the children’s birthday and the box in which he was packed seems more interesting in the meantime.
    I’m glad there’s a movie. Even though we are no longer amazed that the pictures move on the screen, the contents still manage that. Because the medium is only a means of transport for the visualization of exciting ideas and contents and screenplay, camera work, look and sound always create something new and can captivate. Therefore the film remains an indispensable element for events and product presentations, whether as a teaser, for the countdown to product unveiling or as a heater for the keynote speaker or suitable stage activities.

    Behind every good event is a good story, a red thread. Let us assume that a product film has shown the absolute highlights of the new model and this can then be viewed on stage.
    Then it makes sense if everyone has the opportunity to take a look inside the machine, the car or the printer, for example. This is made possible by virtual reality. At various stations, each event participant can take a look at what would never have been possible without virtual reality. And with Augmented Reality you could place the product in reality at another station, e.g. the sculpture directly in front of you in the event room. With a good concept, the combination of digital media creates an impression that participants will not forget for a long time!

    Usually you can use a mixture of existing material, adapted clips and new videos for events.
    It never hurts to show a successful image film with the core messages of your company again and again, so that these memorize themselves and consolidate the image, which partners, prospective customers or customers of you should have.

    A product launch is – this is the core of the matter – often the premiere of a product film, which you can then use again and again – especially in online marketing. Shorter clips are in demand in the social media, which can contain elements from image or product films, but consider the character of social media: the making of or the authentic look behind the scenes is usually more interesting for your visitors than the result itself.

    A special “countdown clip” for the big moment of unveiling, for example, can usually only be used for an event or a series of events. So make sure that such disposable products remain within budget and generally check all elements of an event concept for recyclability.