knowledge transfer and didactics

Digital didactics through virtual and augmented reality, films and interactive media

The acquisition of knowledge becomes an experience. Contents “get stuck”. Warnings and instructions – e.g. for hazard protection and occupational safety – are no longer forgotten. Training is actually fun.

"Serious or security-relevant content and an emotionally charged user experience are not mutually exclusive. Even seemingly dry topics can be conveyed in an exciting way with the right app"

Pilar Gasparini, Interactive Design Expert, Intervideo Filmproduktion GmbH

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Film, virtual and augmented reality, 3D animation, 360° video, interactive media: digitization offers fantastic new opportunities for marketing, events & presentation, research & development, training and hazard protection. The whitepaper includes – among other things:

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    Frequently asked question

    In the areas of school education as well as training and further education, the experience-based learning approach is an important pillar that contains a high virtual potential.
    Because an experienced situation or emotional experience is memorized much more deeply than a picture in a textbook. With VR and AR, for example, it is possible to learn English directly on site in virtual London or to explore history via an interactive virtual time travel.
    VR and AR can also take further training to a new level in companies.
    For new employees, for example, the history of the company or previous product development can be made tangible with VR and AR. This could have a lasting effect on motivation and identification with the company.
    The interaction in the media, e.g. through the presentation of virtual content in an app, creates a particularly high degree of imprinting through the didactics used. It is not only seen or heard, it is experienced.