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Effective marketing strategies and social media success with film, 360-degree video, virtual reality and interactive media

Marketing strategy = media strategy. Especially we talk about online marketing and social media channels, but also at the POS. Digitization offers fantastic new possibilities. Take a look at our examples!

"Marketing is constantly changing. That's what makes it so appealing, but also challenging. Often it is exactly the one, correct connection of different elements with the suitable story, which brings the lasting success at the end."

Mathias Schwaben, Marketing Manager, Intervideo Fillmproduktion GmbH

Konfetti Mathias Schwaben - Marketing und Social Media Manager Intervideo


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Film, virtual and augmented reality, 3D animation, 360° video, interactive media: digitization offers fantastic new opportunities for marketing, events & presentation, research & development, training and hazard protection. The whitepaper includes – among other things:

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  • Orientation: "How much does a promotional film cost?"
  • Checklists for effective project briefing
  • Market overview VR-Glasses and much more
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    Frequently asked questions

    Even if the shooting was hopefully fun, we didn’t do it for fun. If you had read a white paper on this topic ten years ago, the author would have mentioned the reduced costs of DVD production and how great it could now be to spread the film around the world. Basically, it’s much easier today, but if you’re thinking of a DVD, you could also carve your advertising messages in stone.
    The Internet is of course the main medium for corporate films. The Internet offers access from any place at any time. It’s a dream, isn’t it?

    Quite a few companies think you now have to produce a fancy image film, place it on youtube and then you would be part of the large online community, almost a digital native. There are thousands of image films on this channel that have been bobbing around for years at no more than 200, 300 “views” – a sad existence for an image film.

    But does that surprise you? For example, there is the manufacturer of a “leak detector”, a device that can find a leak in large tankers without the ship having to go into the dock at great cost. But how big is the target group? And can this be a highlight on youtube? No. The CEO who had the idea is now disappointed. But that doesn’t have to be, because this image film can make a fantastic impression as a welcome on the homepage. And if you need a leak finder, you’ll end up with a reasonably well search engine-optimized site.

    With another product, especially in the B2C sector, things may be quite different. It may not be the big image film that brings success in the social media, but it is always well-placed content for the right target group. Here the film is a building block in an online marketing concept. A single contact with your products or your company may not make much difference. Constant dripping caves the stone.

    Accompany potential customers on their journey on the Internet, the so-called “Touchpoint Journey” – or in the real world, for example, when a Facebook campaign brings visitors to your trade fair stand. At step 1 in the film production they could still read that the idea for a film is the most important thing. To be honest, it is even more valuable if you have an overall concept in the field of online marketing in mind, ideas as to which stories you want to tell – storytelling is what the marketers say about it.

    Think about your company values, what makes you special or what your customers particularly appreciate about your products. Perhaps it is always the word “friendliness” that comes up. Perhaps one goal would be to position the company as the friendliest consultant in the industry.
    This friendliness comes from your employees. So you have to let them have their say. And then you almost have a story for the social media because it’s authentic and that’s what counts there. Now it is a matter of feeding this framework with ideas that make e.g. smaller snippets, short videos, interesting and then it starts again with step 1: The creative agency you trust gets to work. However, this agency should also advise them precisely in the considerations just made, because only holistic thinking can still bring success in marketing.

    Marketing messages that are transmitted via a VR or AR headset are many times more catchy than messages conveyed e.g. on the Internet. While the interested party is flooded with information there, he is particularly free of distractions in virtual reality.
    “Immersion” is the name given to this immersion in virtual experience, which is hardly inferior to reality due to intensifying factors such as a smell, a draught or moving the ground. An experience is offered that can never be achieved with texts and images. But it is not only the simulation, which is sophisticated down to the last detail, that brings great benefits. Even a 360-degree film, thanks to a smartphone and, for example, YouTube with good range chances, is far more memorable than any traditional medium.

    360-degree ads will be much better accepted than conventional ads. According to a study by OmniVirt, which analyzed 700 million ads placed, 360 degree VR ads performed better in all areas.
    Virtual Reality photos achieved three times as many clicks as regular two-dimensional photos, and 360-degree videos provided a 46 percent increase in video completion rate compared to regular videos.

    When users have a normal video and a 360-degree video to choose from, they choose 86% for the interaction, i.e. the 360-degree video (source: “Study Finds 360-Degree VR Ads Perform Better, Improve CTR 300%” by Chuck Martin on
    Experts are certain: Virtual and Augmented Reality will also create completely new possibilities in online trading and become the standard. In the future, products can also be inspected that would otherwise have had to be inspected in reality.
    The long trips to various prefabricated house exhibitions, for example, will no longer be necessary, as the pre-selection can be made virtually. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the house will soon be complete and accessible at your desk or at home.