Plant construction: Only a single 3D model but multiple use

From interactive films to free walk-in facilities

VR Fabrik Touchscreen

pilot project:

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Project details

Output devices, channels and occasions

You can save time and above all a lot of money if you consider exactly at the beginning of a project what the goal is and through which media and channels it is to be achieved. Each output device has different advantages and disadvantages and has its own special requirements. So a real film with the right story and 3D elements can arouse emotions very well. An app can be perfect for imparting knowledge with the possible functions, e.g. to get to know a plant before its completion, Virtual Reality is the solution.


The origin: the model of the plant

If one considers the later application scenarios already in the planning, it is prevented that different teams and departments do the same with unnecessary expenditure, build 3D models and think up all with difficulties a red thread. Because a single 3D model can form the decisive Basis.

3d Modell Fabrik

The interactive application in the browser

It is then used, for example, in an interactive application in the browser. Since data processing is limited here, a reduced version of the 3D model is used.

interaktive Browswe Anwendung

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The touch screen version

The system appears in full splendour as a fixed installation on the computer. The touch function runs absolutely smoothly and the input is intuitive.

VR Fabrik Touchscreen

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The application as app with additional functions

Additional functions can be integrated into the corresponding app, e.g. the download of more detailed information as pdf, the possibility to forward or share information up to the personal address of partners and customers in different languages.

3D in der App

The Factory in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality sometimes gives a better feeling for the object itself, especially when viewed from the outside. You can walk around the facility and place it in almost any Environment.

Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality: The freely accessible facility

The crowning glory of the whole is, of course, the unrestricted virtual reality. We are now in the plant ourselves, can move and interact freely, e.g. switch machines on and off, record information via boards or pick up and use objects. And still the base is the same 3D model!

VR - frei begehbar

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Just ask! It's for free! Maybe you already have a feeling that one or two of your goals can be achieved with a good team and the technical finesse of digital media - with us. Our task now is to develop a concrete project with a clear goal in focus and a realistic budget. Just give us a call or write to us. We will be happy to advise you!

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