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Ice Age - So what?

Produktfilm Klimaunabhängigkeit intervideo

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Icy climate and location

Project details

Loyal companions

iemens has been an Intervideo customer for many years and of course we are proud of it. Our films have also been used in the field of gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear for over 15 years. What is outstanding about the systems is their absolute independence from the climate. One of several product films therefore showed the installation at a customer who does not exactly live around the corner: it goes up to the Swiss Jungfraujoch, where Siemens systems now ensure a smooth power supply for the Jungfrau Railway, research station and restaurants.

Siemens GIS Produktfilm

An adventure

The film shows the landscape at an altitude of well over 3,000 metres and accompanies the installation. The cold was a challenge. But there are suitable clothes for that. Transporting all the equipment and filming under really challenging conditions – the film crew just had to go through. The effort was rewarded. The film was awarded the Master of Excellence at the 24th Corporate Media Festival and for the best image design.

Produktfilm Siemens GIS Jungfraujoch

One that keeps it shut

Another film in the series also shows climate independence. The Jungfraujoch certainly does not have to expect floods, but in the valleys it looks quite different. The underwater test proves that a Siemens GIS has nothing to fear here either.

Produktvideo Siemens GIS Unterwassertest

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