Training film: "Siemens Safety"

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Training film "Siemens Safety"

Main focus:

danger protection

Project details

Safety in capital letters

The Siemens transformer plants are impressive – large and modern. But it is also clear that safety is the top priority for Siemens at such locations. The order from Siemens to Intervideo: A film with safety instructions that can be used for all works and in all languages.

2D Animation Siemens Safety

It should be universal

The idea to shoot the typical documentary real film was quickly rejected. Each work looks different and therefore a separate film would have to be made. Moreover, it is precisely these “dry” films anyway that are not being followed closely at the moment. A purely animated representation would be too far away from what the visitor then sees and experiences in reality.

Realfim und 2D Animation


In the end, a mix of real film and comic-style animation was the solution that contained the best of both formats. The character leading through the work and the danger animations keep up the interest, the differences in the works fade into the background and through the didactics used with repetitions etc. what has been learned is remembered – in the meantime the film has been translated into more than ten languages.

2D Animation Erklärfilm

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