Evonik Sepuran

Membranes for biogas upgrading, nitrogen recovery and helium and hydrogen upgrading

Evonik 3D Modell

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„Perfect as always, the collaboration is really fun!“

Janusz Berger, Head of Market Communications Innovation Growth Fields High Performance Polymer, Evonik Industries AG


3D-Modelling, Animation, Augmented Reality

Project details

Innovative membranes

Evonik’s SEPURAN® product family comprises innovative membranes for biogas upgrading, nitrogen recovery and helium and hydrogen upgrading. SEPURAN® NG is a particularly robust hollow fibre membrane based on a very pressure- and temperature-resistant high-performance plastic.

Evonik 3D-Modelling

3D-Modelling - down to the thousandth of a millimetre

In the first step, our task was to realistically design the membrane in its operational environment as a 3D model – layer by layer – in order to explain its functionality with further graphics and animations.

Evonik 3D Modell

Versatile in use

The material was used to create image files for use on the internet, for example, several 3D animated films, an Android app, 3D images for brochures, but also prototypes such as an augmented reality application for the Microsoft Hololens and WebAR for use via smartphone.

Evonik Augmented Reality

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