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What is the OARP?

Water is vital. It’s rich in minerals we need to live. However, when water is treated in treatment or desalination plants, it is often lost. In a special process and with appropriate additives, Omya manages to treat the water as it should be. This patented process is called Omya Advanced Remineralization Process.

Omya interaktive App

Komplexes verständlich machen

Intervideo shows exactly this process in an interactive app. In the same display as in the film shown here, the user can select sections of the process in the app that he wants to see in detail or about which he needs further information. The aim was to make the complex process understandable through the clear 3D animation and the possibility of interaction. By the way: Intervideo implemented the entire process as a virtual reality project: You’re not just watching, you’re right in the middle of it!

Omya interaktive App

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