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Some things work in the dark

Imagefilm Schleifring

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Quality is everything!

Schleifring is the innovation and market leader in its sector. Every single customer project is unique for the company. And so Schleifring approached Intervideo with the desire for a special image film – because the high quality standard combines. And this quality was also the central theme in the script.

Intervideo Imagefilm Schleifring

Till the heads are smoking

The creative people at Intervideo had some ideas. Working with 3D models would offer the possibility to show the slip ring “at work”. Another variant was the presentation of products in which the slip ring does its work. Or you could show people who work with slip rings to convey more emotions than would be possible with a pure 3D representation.

It's all in the mix

In the end it became a mix of all ideas, which doesn’t always work, but fits perfectly together here – a world of 3d-elements and real film, which impresses u right. In the implementation, tracking to bring 3D and realfim together was a challenge, as both elements are in motion in the film. It was mastered and everyone was really enthusiastic about the result.

Intervideo: Schleifring Unternehmensfilm

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