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Gold Plaque for the GEAFOL promotional movie: INTERCOM Filmfestival, Chicago




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Project details

A handsome fellow

The Siemens GEAFOL is a distribution transformer and a particularly beautiful one due to its red “cast resin coloration”. More importantly, however, it sets technical standards. As a successful product, it is also constantly being further developed. Intervideo accompanied the product launch up to the last design relaunch and further. The quality and professionalism at Siemens can be seen in every detail and from every angle. This is why, in addition to the outstanding properties of the transformer itself, it forms the focal point of the product film, which in its scope is also a piece of image film for the global company Siemens.

Raising the bar

But Intervideo not only created the film, but also provided a comprehensive package along with everything that goes with a product launch:

  • The renderings for brochures, manuals, 360 degree views
  • instruction handbooks
  • Interactive apps for operation
  • Interactive applications for professional Assembly

All in up to eight languages for worldwide presentation in all sales channels, at trade fairs and events.
Existing material was revised for the design relaunch. This made it possible to work efficiently despite the state-of-the-art look.


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Safety at the factory

Where the Siemens GEAFOL is manufactured, but also in other plants, safety comes first. This applies in particular to visitors. A film that guides plant visitors in this area and teaches the basic rules for hazard protection relies on 2D animation with a dash of humor – and of course GEAFOL plays a main role again.

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