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Virtual Reality Research and Development

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The development of prototypes

In the automotive industry, the flow behavior of vehicles is tested in a virtual wind tunnel. Today, both changes to the bodywork and the measurement of the corresponding effect on flow behavior take place in a fraction of the time required to model new vehicle models and test them in the traditional wind tunnel – not to mention the costs. In the entire mock-up area, the VR and AR represent a huge leap forward.

3D Forschung und Entwicklung

Measurable Usability

3D models can easily be created from existing CAD data and imported into the virtual world. There, designers or test buyers can view, rotate and turn these new prototypes during usability testing, change the colors or the material. The “Exploded View” offers a 3D view of all details from every angle. All this is better, simpler and above all much faster than in reality. The same applies to the areas of production or logistics when it comes to the presentation or optimization of processes.

3D Exploded View

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