WebAR: Augmented Reality on the smartphone without app installation

Product presentations, trainings and marketing campaigns with wow effects




Project details

WebAR - small worlds

Why not show people at the construction site what will be created there – scalable to almost any size. Or place equipment, switchgear, cabinets – in other words, whatever you can imagine – at any location.

WebAR - Hoch- und Tiefbau

Just like magic

Explaining content, demonstrating innovative technology – but in a way you’ve never experienced before. When the satellite flies through your own living room and Saturn makes its rounds in the background, you experience dimensions differently.

WebAR - Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau

WebAR makes it possible

Augmented reality is the combination of the real world with the virtual world. Both are combined on the screen of a tablet or smartphone. With the new WebAR technology, no app needs to be installed. Simply point the camera at a QR code or enter a url in the browser and the presentation starts. Ingredients for a recipe, for example, are suddenly in your own kitchen.

WebAR Agentur Mainz Muenchen


Products are displayed as 3D models. These can hardly be distinguished from reality. Parts of the models can be animated or text panels can be inserted. Basically everything that is imaginable is possible. Rain pattering on the smartphone screen, the bottle label coming to life, the dinosaur roaring on the desk.

WebAR - Forschung und Schulung

After Christmas is before Christmas

No, it’s somehow not nice when you can already buy chocolate Santas in September, but we don’t want to deprive you of our dancing model.


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