3D Animations and 360° Movies

3D animations and 360° movies

Dimensions: Whether the dinosaur in the city forest, your product in use anywhere in the world or the 3D prototype, modelled down to the smallest detail – everything is possible!

Perspectives: The 360° film allows any viewing angle and gives the viewer a real “right in the middle” Feeling.

„With 360° video, you have to think in space, not in a timeline like in traditional film productions. If you do so, the result is really impressive. Products can be presented in a completely new way."

Frank Sidenstein, Regisseur, camera operator

Konfetti 360 Grad Dreh bei Intervideo


You want an offer? Or you are not sure whether an 360-degree-video will really benefit your company? You have an idea and want to know if this is possible with the right 3D or 2D Animation skills? Call us, write us – just as you like. We will be there for you!

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Film, virtual and augmented reality, 3D animation, 360° video, interactive media: digitization offers fantastic new opportunities for marketing, events & presentation, research & development, training and hazard protection. The whitepaper includes – among other things:

  • Application areas for film, VR and 360° videos
  • Orientation: "How much does a promotional film cost?"
  • Checklists for effective project briefing
  • Market overview VR-Glasses and much more
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    Frequently asked questions

    Were you also among those who were deeply impressed when you saw dinosaurs on the screen for the first time in Jurassic Park in 1993, which seemed unexpectedly lifelike and really frightened many spectators? Today, 3D is used in some form in almost every movie – or exclusively.
    The technical progress and the powerful computing power of today’s PCs make the use of 3D animations also possible in the area of corporate videos.

    Especially complex products can be shown in action instead of just on the technical drawing – even in space. It would be very expensive to build a satellite, to send it into space and a second spaceship with the film crew to show a slip ring at work inside, which you somehow can’t really see.
    Have a look at the image film Intervideo shot for Schleifring GmbH, then you will see 3D animations exactly in this Scenario.

    The 360-degree film builds the bridge from film to virtual reality. With special cameras, scenes can be filmed “all around”, which the viewer can later view from any angle with a mouse click or the appropriate VR glasses and even move around in them. For example, hotels or parks can be visited virtually or, in combination with the 3D animation, they can even be tested in the latest car model.
    Or imagine you want to present prefabricated houses, caravans or tents. Instead of having to make every object available to the interested party in reality, everything can be viewed in advance with a full 360° panoramic view. In combination with virtual reality, the caravan or tent can also be placed in different scenarios, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the mountains, sometimes at the sea.