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Strategists, storytellers & the power of craftsmenship. Intervideo - Your agency for digital media projects. Creative, reliable, calculable. Services
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Imagine anything

Whatever you want to achieve, we will make this goal reality – with the magic of film, with the technology of virtual realities or through the memorability of real interaction. We create worlds for every occasion.

Sebastian Barwitzki - Berlin, München, Hamburg

„Our customers simply love how fast and flexible we work. In addition to our experience, this is also due to the fact that we deliver everything from our own hand - with our own studio and post-production.“

Sebastian Barwitzki, Team Post-Production, Intervideo

And the winner is

We are still happy about every single award we received. But even more important to us is that our customers are enthusiastic about our work and the trade fair, the campaign, the image film or the product launch will become a complete success.

Icon Mix
Finalist Award Winner
Promotional Video Schleifring GmbH
New York Festivals

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Master of Excellence und beste Bildbearbeitung
Promotional Video Schleifring GmbH
27. Corporate Media Festival
Finalist Award Winner
Promotional Video euromicron AG
New York Festivals
Master of Excellence und bestes Drehbuch
Promotional Video euromicron AG
25. Corporate Media Festival
Master of Excellence und beste Bildgestaltung
Product Video Siemens „Siemens GIS. Bedien- & Personensicherheit"
24. Corporate Media Festival
Gold Plaque
Promotional Video Siemens „Siemens Geafol – Simply Better"
INTERCOM Filmfestival, Chicago
Auszeichnung für hohen Standard
Product Video Siemens „Siemens Geafol – Simply Better"
Corporate Media Festival, München
Deutscher Kulturförderpreis
Engagement: Intervideo Nachwuchspreis
Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft
Award of Master
Promotional Video Siemens „Transforming know-how into Solutions"
20. Corporate Media Festival
Silver Hugo
Promotional Video Siemens „Transforming know-how into Solutions"
44. Chicago International Filmfestival
Prix Victoria in Gold
Product Video „SION – perfectly compatible"
23. Internationalen Wirtschaftsfilmtage Wien
Finalist Award Winner
Product Video „SION – perfectly compatible"
50. New York Festival
Product Video „SION – perfectly compatible"
14. ITVA-Festival, Frankfurt
Award of Master
Siemens „Boundless Reliability“
17. Corporate Media Festival, München
World Gold Medal
Promotional Video Siemens „Harmony“
New York Festival
Grand Award „Best Sales Production"
Siemens „You always get the message across“
New York Festival
1. Preis
„Perspektiven für Mensch und Natur“
31. Internationales Filmfestival Ekotopfilm, Bratislava
Award of Master und Sonderpreis “Beste humoristische Lösung”
Promotional Video Siemens „Harmony“
16. Corporate Media Festival, München
Silver Plaque
Promotional Video Siemens „Harmony“
Chicago International Film Festival
CINE Golden Eagle Award
Promotional Video Siemens „Harmony“
CINE Golden Eagle Competition, Washington
Master of Excellence
„You always get the message across“
15. Corporate Media Festival, München
Award of Master
„Technology that convinces“
15. Corporate Media Festival, München
Intermedia-Globe Finalist Diploma
„You always get the message across“
World Media Festival, Hamburg
Master of Excellence und Sonderpreis bester Ton/Musik
„Pico BTS – The key to new revenue”
14. Corporate Media Festival, München

The strength of diversity

There is a reason why Intervideo has been producing digital media for over 50 years: We are a really good mix! Visionary film professionals, creative artists, almost obsessed virtual reality programmers and 3D designers, experienced project managers and sovereign marketing experts in perfectly complementary teams ensure that our customers are successful.

Intervideo Filmproduktion Erfahrung Imagefilm Berlin


Intervideo Filmproduktion Kreativität Imagefilm Mainz


Intervideo Filmproduktion Flexibilität Imagefilm München


Intervideo Filmproduktion Branchenkenntnis Imagefilm Bremen

Sector Expertise

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Bildschnitt Tontechnik Postproduktion Kontaktanfrage Imagefilm Düsseldorf

Any questions?

You want an offer? Or you would like to know how you can use Virtual Reality for a product presentation? You are not sure whether an image film really brings something to your company? Call us, write us – just as you like. We are here for you!

Trust in experience

Our experience is your safety. We can assess your project so well in advance that there are no surprises in terms of costs. The planning is right and every Intervideo team member is approachable and responsible for you, knows exactly what to do at every step in the entire production process. And despite all the routine, we are excited about each new project!

Filmproduktion Intervideo Konzeption Imagefilm Hamburg Conception
Intervideo Vorproduktion Imagefilm Duisburg Pre-Production
Intervideo Umsetzung Imagefilm Leipzig Realisation
Intervideo Filmproduktion Postproduktion Imagefilm Würzburg Post-Production