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DeLonghi/Braun Steam Iron Range - Products at a glance

Many products, many features and a video to give you an overview. Can that be entertaining? We think so. A film with real and 3D scenes combined with 2D animations, accompanied by a good beat - just right!

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Glide - is perhaps the right word

The steam irons from Braun Household glide over fabrics like a snowboard down the piste. All of them. And yet each model has its own special abilities. A table in a brochure would certainly be a good tool if you want to take a look at everything at your leisure. But if you want to get an entertaining impression of the variety, you can see high-quality 3D models of the whole gang - and it's not just the irons that glide, somehow the whole film is in flux.

Created by Intervideo Filmproduktion GmbH for De'Longhi Deutschland GmbH (c) year 2023, all rights reserved.

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