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Atotech Uniplate - a huge system as a 3D model

We can easily imagine a chair, a toaster or a shoe. But an incredibly large system, made up of many individual components, that needs to be explained first. With a gigantic 3D model that gives us insights and exciting tracking shots.

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Sophisticated 3D for sophisticated surface finishing

The Uniplate system from Atotech fills an entire hall. There are countless individual components and machine groups that are assembled to form a single unit at the end. Nevertheless, such a marvel does not look quite as appealing in its hall as it deserves to. After all, this is a production hall and not a palace hall. In the three-dimensional representation, however, we can emphasise all the beauty of the plant and, in particular, present its functionality. We have assembled the entire facility from numerous models so that we can now stage it as we wish. In reality, such possibilities as dynamic tracking shots or immersion in the interior would never be possible.

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Atotech Uniplate