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Schulthess smartHeat - The (real) way of water

A washing machine doesn't sound like sustainability at first, more like water and energy consumption. But with rainwater and sunlight, things look very different. This is also shown in this product film, which shows the path of the water that does not simply come out of the tap. A small but beautiful and meaningful story.

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Water animation - a challenge for all 3D artists

When a tidal wave hits an entire city in a Hollywood blockbuster, a tool is used to simulate the organic flow of water when it hits houses - in the 3D environment of the film, these houses are ultimately just clusters of cuboids. This nevertheless costs millions and a whole team of 3D professionals work on it for months. In this little film, the water has to take a certain path, it is sprayed into the drum through a nozzle at a certain angle, it spins - it doesn't just hit any house. The viewer doesn't know that, but we do and we're a bit proud of it.

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