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Siemens VersiCharge - a charging station with visually stunning attributes

A charging station from Siemens: functional, intuitive, robust, modern and almost handy. That's what makes it so flexible in use. Anywhere, at any location, on any street, for any occasion and can be operated by anyone. And that is precisely the story of this product film.

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Why a common thread or narrative "bracket" is important

A common thread helps us to understand and stay tuned. This may not be so difficult in a promotional film - or it shouldn't be, but in a seemingly endless range of media that advertise goods, it is all the more important to come across as "catchy". Text, music, sound effects and, above all, imagery can help. We convey the "everywhere" that the VersiCharge charging station stands for through a visual world that can also emotionally charge a technical device and thus make it recognisable.

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