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Challenge Glas! Challenge us!

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Challenge glas! Challenge us!

The Opportunity Lab with the slogan “Challenge Glas! Challenge us!” from Schott AG invites people to contribute ideas on the subject of glass – with a view into the future. Where and how is the use of special glass conceivable? Instead of scientific animations we decided together for the medium real film with emotion, a touch of humour and a “call to action”.

Produktfilm Intervideo für Schott

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Flood of ideas and sense of reality

The ideas were bubbling. The challenge: What was also feasible in the real film? Glass does not speak, glass does not move and properties such as heat resistance are not visible. Three proposals were finally selected for implementation. Just shooting time? Only one day per movie! This hardly suggested the amount of preparatory work involved in this project – the finished films did.

Serie Intervideo Filmproduktion

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Customer reports success!

Intervideo was shot directly at Schott AG and most of the extras were made up of employees. This significantly reduced costs and everyone had a lot of fun. German, English and Chinese – the short films have been translated into three languages. Their length and brevity make them perfect for platforms such as youtube or Facebook. But also a corresponding action page came alive by these clips. There have been almost 2,000,000 viewers on youtube alone – a good result!

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Just ask! It's for free! Maybe you already have a feeling that one or two of your goals can be achieved with a good team and the technical finesse of digital media - with us. Our task now is to develop a concrete project with a clear goal in focus and a realistic budget. Just give us a call or write to us. We will be happy to advise you!

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