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Network infrastructures with feeling

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Master of Excellence: 25. Corporate Media Festival and Finalist Award Winner at New York Festivals




Promotional film

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Under the sign of digitization

euromicron AG is a group of medium-sized companies from the areas of digitized buildings, industry 4.0 and critical infrastructures. It enables companies to network business and production processes under the sign of digitalization – highly available and secure. The mission: An image film that conveys these often invisible achievements in a memorable way.

Kreative Filmproduktion

Digital Emotions

To display the network infrastructures created by euromicron, Intervideo chose a mixture of real and 3D elements. The chosen scenarios such as airport, road traffic or clinic also gave the opportunity to use the excellent references appropriately. The use of actors brought the necessary emotion to the digital theme.

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That's what we like to hear!

Dr. Willibald Späth, CEO of Euromicron AG, says: “I am very pleased that our film has received great public recognition. The breadth of the awards shows that we have not only succeeded in outlining the contents of our comprehensive range of services, but also in finding the tonality that makes our employees proud of “their company” and inspires new employees, but also encourages our investors to have made the right decision”.

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