Digital exhibition: P&G - The 50L Home Coalition

An impressive installation for CES 2021

Virtuelle Messe

„We were especially impressed by The 50L Home Coalition, which housed its own immersive exhibit within the LifeLab. Not only was it visually cool to walk through the exhibit, but it was also educational and is a fantastic coalition that is working towards making 50 liters of water per person per day seem like 500 liters.“

Fabienne Lang, Editor, Interesting Engineering


virtual exhibition

Project details

Virtual media - long lasting impressions

„The stunning exhibition “The 50L Home Coalition” immerses visitors in the alliance we are leading with businesses, policymakers and communities to help solve the urban water crisis.“, P&G, 2021

Innovations and the corresponding presentation

“We supported Procter & Gamble with a virtual presence for the 50L Home Coalition as part of the P&G LifeLab – with conception and storytelling, implementation and design. It was a great project, a great collaboration and we are really proud of the result.” Intervideo, 2021

Virtuelle Ausstellung

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