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POS Marketing und Vertrieb Hotspots

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3D - Building without digger

It is obvious: In virtual reality scenarios can be created, the creation of which in reality would often involve enormous effort. Of course, you can’t just build a bakery in a supermarket and then realize: “No, that was nothing, we’ll make it new”. In virtual reality this is possible.

3D POS Marktforschung

Time to try it out

In the virtual 3D supermarket, a sales display can be placed at any desired location in various variants. With a click or a flick of the finger the model of the display can be changed, the colour changed, the size adjusted. The test person who now visits this supermarket via VR glasses can be asked which display is most attractive for them where and/or in which design. A so-called “Companion App” also allows the wearer of VR glasses to see exactly what they see on the monitor. So you can see where he looks for how long.

Virtual Reality is also a reality

It is interesting that the test subjects make no distinction between reality and virtual reality. Of course you know that you are in an artificially created place, but you can judge the product placement or the attractiveness of the equipment exactly as in a real shop.
Augmented Reality can be used to link reality and virtual reality, to record shopping behaviour on the spot or to determine hotspots, i.e. the points to which the shopper’s gaze most frequently falls. The virtual displays, which were previously shortlisted for prototype tests, can now be placed in the real supermarket with augmented reality glasses. A store manager can decide which displays he wants to use from the shortlist – without having to set them all up and carry them around in his market.

POS Marketing und Vertrieb Hotspots

An unlimited field for R&D, maintenance, service, etc.

Augmented Reality is also very interesting for service and maintenance. Technicians are shown what has to be done where on the machine in order to be able to carry out even more complex repairs for which they may have previously been dependent on special personnel. And if it is still necessary, experts can join in live via video to explain particularly sensitive issues. The user sees all this in his Augmented Reality glasses, which nevertheless allow a view of the real world, e.g. the machine in need of repair. In the automotive industry, the use of these techniques is already commonplace, because digitization offers fantastic opportunities for all research and development.

Virtual Reality Research and Development

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