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Virtual Reality by three

Intersport is the largest medium-sized association group in the global sports retail sector. The task at Intervideo: How can Intersport present tents without having to set them up on a huge exhibition space available to the fewest Shops?

360 Grad Kamera

Variants: 360-degree real film

The task is without question interesting and challenging. Intervideo came up with three approaches to enable interested parties to select a quality tent without seeing it in the original. A version: the shooting of a real film in 360 degrees. The technology allows the view of the tent from outside, especially the observer can look around freely inside the tent.

360 Grad Video Dreh

Variants: 3D rendering in 360° mode

The second variant is a photorealistic 3D environment. The result is almost indistinguishable from reality. Here, too, those interested can look around freely. However, the environment is not animated, but this is precisely why it focuses more on the tent itself – without any distraction from ambient movements.

Virtual Reality POS Intervideo

Variants: Fully animated virtual reality

Perhaps even more emotional than reality, because in virtual reality every place is conceivable: the tent in the forest, by the lake, in the mountains, on the beach. The animations of watercourses, branches and leaves, the dynamic shadows, the possible day/night changes and also the surround sound bring the scenarios to life. Especially with VR-glasses the customer will certainly experience more than with the artificial turf in the shop.

Animated Virtual Reality Point of Sale

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